Windows Help

Hi All,

Ok this is what is going on… I used are program that when i went to uninstall it there was some parts of it that wouldnt uninstall so to uninstall it i right click then change the program that it opens with then i deleted it.

But now every program opens up with the program i changed it to :a
I rang around and found out i have one of three things i can do

1}reinstall windows

2}used windows repair {it wont let me tryed}

3}Find away to reset default

So this is why i am here to ask you nice poeple how to reset default.
If anyone knows this will be very helpful as i am going INSANE :disagree:

sounds like you have trashed your registry reinstall windows

Excuse me for a minute while I ROTFLMFAO.

Now that I have recovered.

System restore … and lots of it :slight_smile:

Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System restore.

Restoration to 1 week ago should be good.

Or if you have to do it the hard way…


First line yeah me too :eek:
system restore will work yes but only if he has it turned on

oh and in future DO NOT play with things you do not know about :wink:

I know i shouldnt but i wanted it out

:sad: i have it turn off :sad:

But thank you guys for help so far. But does anyone know how ot reset it!

Unfortunately, if you have damaged the registry, there may not be any eay way to repair it, except from backup.

Even repairing the windows installation may not fix the issue.

You can try repairing by booting from your windows CD & then selecting “install new” & then “repair existing installation” when it finds your windows installation.

Do not select the recovery console. It won’t help you if you don’t know what you are doing :iagree:

Fingers crossed, eh?

Reset what? It’s about as clear as mud. Reset file assocations like .exe or file permisions :confused: :confused:

Anyway on the outside chance that is what your talking about.

reset assocations to windows default is in there to :doh:

Try the bottom link first