Windows freezing problem

Ok, so windows boots normal, everything is normal, fresh install everything. So when i go to install videocard drivers, it freezes. Go to install soundcard drivers, it freezes. I go to do anything Im’ing programs everything, causes it to freeze, usually happens after about 10-30 min then it just locks up. I’ve been taking stuff off of my one HDD for 3 restarts now trying to make sure all of my doc’s are safe. So I have no clue what could be causing this problem, it was fine untill I switched my PC case. But I’ve built many computers and switching a case usually doesn’t cause any problems. So if there is anything you can think of that could help, it would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

XP Pro SP2
Nvidia 8800GTS (320 MB)
Creative X-Fi xtrememusic
2048MB Corsair Dominator’s
AMD X2 6000+
ABS Tagan 700watt
500gb, 400gb, and 320gb HDD’s
ANTEC P182 Case
Zerotherm BTF90 UFO Cooler
2 X Dvd burners
Foxconn C51XEM2AA 590i SLi Mobo

Difficuilt problem. It is never goot when the problem occures after a time span. Sounds for me like there could be a themperature problem with one component

  • I’d check the CPU fan / temperatures and maybe the thermal paste / or thermal pad on the CPU
  • Next I’d change the video board. I had system freezes with a damaged video board. The system was crashed, but the last screen was still visible. Even the mouse cursor was frozen.
  • At least I’d check the RAM. It is always a good canditate in case of freezes
  • Maybe check the CPU itself

If you overclocked / over or under voltaged your system set the default values.

For the time span you try to find the problem unswitch and unplug all devices you do not need (additional HDDs, additional ODDs, Soundcard, …). It is easier to find the problem if you start with only a few components.
I.e. if you switch off all your additional HDDs, all ODDs, Soundcard and the problem is still there, than you know this components does not make problems. If the problem is gone you know one of this components makes the problem.

To find out the problem if you have only a HDD, Motherboard+CPU+RAM and Video board running you need tho exchange this components. There is no other easy way to find the problem… For this reason it is always good to have a few spare parts :slight_smile:

Sounds like it may be a temperature problem to me also.

Will it stay running for more than 30 minutes if you just let it sit and not try and load anything after you boot up?
If so then loading software is heating it up enough for it to shutdown, then you should start disconnecting the extras and see if that helps.
Did you add an extra fan or 2 when you moved to a different case.Sometimes the placement of fans will do more harm than good.Make sure it has a good flow.