Windows Flasher!

I have not heard anything about the “Windows Flash " program that you get when you download a flash upgrade from Lite-On. I got the Lite-on 40125w and first tried the flash upgrade from Lite-on for the 40125w and it worked fin. When I saw there was still no MT. R. support I did it the .Bin way with the VS02 O\C way. That worked fine too. My question is can you flash back or forward ? Can I now upgrade to VS03,4,5, or 6 the “Windows flash way” or do I have to use the " Bin” way from now on ?
One more ? , When I went to format a CD-RW IN-CD went through the whole process , and said “You may now use your CD-rw as a floppy drive and drag and drop files” in about 30 seconds. BUT, the drive continued to Burn (red lite on } for 3-5 min. untill I told it to eject. It looked like the disc was 75 % "burned like I stopped it before it was “done” ???
Thanks for any help on this …RK P.S. Hope Ipost right did this

I’m confused as to whether you have MRW or not, but if so, it will continue to format for 5-10 min after it says it is ready to write. this is normal for MRW, and it should continue formatting the next time you put it in (if it was interupted). “Media info” in Nero will tell you if it is fully formatted or not. all this is part of the MRW writing.

Yes I have MT. R support. I just now reformated again and I let it run . At about 5 min . into it it seemed to finish ok. RK

As long as you stay with the VS0XXX firmware you can use the windows flash method. If you would ever want to go back to the 40125W or S you would have to use MTKFlash and a bin file again. And as long as you stay in that new firmware family you would be able to upgrade again with the windows method. Hope this helps. :cool:


I was able to modify the Lite-on Windows Loaders to do as you ask–go back and forth from ANY version to ANY model ALL the while in Windows (you don’t have to use mtkflash or do it from dos).

Check this thread, email me if you want the Loaders.

BTW I gave these to OC-Freak a long time ago, he forgot to post them.

I think he’s running pretty low on space. Hey OC-Freak, you can delete the windows firmware utilities that i submitted for the TDK 241040B, the binaries are what’s most important.

To tell the truth:

I will remove every modified firmware and will not post any modified firmwares anymore due to legal reasons (modifying copyrighted programs is illegal and not allowed here).

And only host binary firmwares and old/new official dos/windows firmwares.

I see… Kind of stupid that when companies don’t provide support, you can’t do it yourself. It’s sooooo easy to modify firmware, why don’t they do it? :confused:

Thanks for your help.