Windows Flasher (Nec nd 2510a)?

i ther any chance to flash my 2510a whit an windows flasher??

i need DL, Bitset, RPC1, riplock off, speeded media :sad:

i have no diskdriver :sad:

You can’t use windows flasher since the Herrie’s program doesn’t recognize the NEC2510a
but if you have no Floppy Drive and you only have NTFS (ie WINXP, Win2000, …) partitions you can use a bootable CD to flash your 2510a to Herrie’s 1.07v2b5 with DL, Bitset, RPC1, riplock off, speeded media.
To create a bootdisc without a floppy for follow Bart’s instructions from

i have a 2510a and just wondering if i can just unpack the .rar and run the exe to upgrade the firmware.
Isn’t harrie’s firmware for 2500 to convert to 2510??
is it okay to use with 2510?

first thx for the side but my english is not good to check this out.
i need a simple .exe 1 click s*** to install :bigsmile: