Windows Flash Utility

I have just downloaded my CDRW’s latest firmware and it says I have to reboot into DOS mode to update my drive.

Is there a program that will do this under Windows?

If not, How do I reboot in DOS mode using a NTFS XP Pro machine?

To create a startup ms-dos disk in XP insert a blank disc open my computer, right click on the “A” drive and select format make sure the box at the bottom of the screen “create an MS-DOS startup disk” is ticked and away you go. Then copy over the flash util and firmware to the floppy and boot from the floppy (you may need to change your settings in your bios to be able to do this) and follow the instructions for flashing your firmware.

Why not to flash from windows, well this can be done with certain utils (I personally only use the ones supplied by pioneer or plextor) but if they say do it in true dos then thats what I’d do. It might be a bit more fiddly than a nice GUI but its what they recommend, also its a lot cleaner meaning there isn’t about 20 programs running in the background so less likely of the system crashing at an important part of the flash. If you want to use a windows flasher try the search button at the top for your make/model of drive and see if anyone else reports any issues ie success or failure.

Hope this helps.

I am using NTFS.
A MS-DOS Boot CD will not Work.

I have been told that I have to go into the recovery console but there is no run command there.

Does anyone know what command to use in the recovery console to run a .bin file?

It doesent say anything in the firmware readme aout copying any files to the Floppy?

It says I must reboot to dos and run the .bin file.

Originally posted by warchief
[B]I am using NTFS.
A MS-DOS Boot CD will not Work.


As long as the firmware_patch_software and the binary dump of the firmware is on the MS-DOS boot cd, it doesn’t matter your harddisks are NTFS formatted.

You need firmware_patch_software which can read the binary dump and write it to the firmware memory of your CDRW.

MSI recommends that you dont update with floppies.

They say it must be done in real dos mode.

there is no real dos mode for an NTFS machine. if your only option for flashing the firmware is to do it in dos, then you’ll have to boot from a floppy or cd which boots into dos and contains the proper firmware flashing files.