Windows Flash Update Failed DOS Flash Turned My 1008IM into a 1004IM

Check firmware packages after you have downloaded them if you are doing a DOS recovery flash.

The 1008IM DOS flash download is linked to the wrong firmware.

The shortcut link reads “” but it is the same as the 1004IM link and downloads the 1004IM firmware package “”.

I unzipped and flashed a dead (after Windows LiveUpdate) 1008IM drive without comparing the Zip filename to the instructions and my 1008IM is now recognized as a 1004IM.

I am not ready to update to the Dangerous Brothers RPC2 firmware; this drive has been out of the box for less than a week and I’ve only burnt one DVD disk with it.

Does anyone have a link to the proper hex files so I can flash back to a 1008IM? OR, would anyone who has saved their 1008IM firmware using mtkflash be so kind as to email a copy to me?

Managed my own solution. But I think my process proves my insanity.

  1. downloaded the Dangerous Bros modded 0357 firmware package.

  2. copied their bin file into my DOS recovery flash directory.

  3. Converted the DOS Recovery f.BAT flash command line from the original to one compatible with the DB’s BIN file.

  4. Flashed my drive back into a 1008IM ver 0357

  5. LiveUpdated my drive to 0457 firmware and rebooted. Looks good, too late for any real tests.

I hope something is better after this adventure.

Does a BTC rep read this forum? If yes, have the 1008IM DOS recovery link fixed. Please
:eek: :bigsmile: