Windows Explorer requires ASPI ? (XP)


A couple of frequent Forum posters suggest that there is no longer any real need for system ASPI in Windows XP as most of the software programs (such as Nero) no longer use it.

So, I decided to try removing my system ASPI layer, and did so.

However, when that was done, when I right-clicked on my DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives in Windows Explorer, a message was produced three times “WNASPI32.DLL not found”.

This is despite removing the ASPI Service and removing all files under C:\Windows that have the string “aspi” and rebooting.

I then copied Nero’s “WNASPI32.DLL” file from its folder to the System32 folder, and then the message no longer appeared when I right-clicked on one of the drives.

What baffles me is why Windows Explorer would need that file??

Any thoughts?


PS I’m using Windows XP Home, not Pro, with all upgrades installed.

PS I have IMAPI turned off, Windows CD Burning turned off, and Autorun turned off.

winaspi is not included by default with windows xp. something put it there for you. i do not have any aspi files in my windows folder at the moment.;EN-US;182542

I know - originally my ASPI files were installed by some program that thought it needed them.

But I’m hoping that there is someone who knows how Windows Explorer could end up needing ASPI. (And also how to remove that ASPI-dependency from Windows Explorer.)

Windows Explorer does not need ASPI. It sounds like after yuou installed it, somehow or other, maybe ForceASPI, that it now depends on it and loads somewhere with the O/S. BTW, I can name quite a few proggy’s that still use ASPI, my advice is alwys to keep it.

try this -

have you looked in the drivers for the cdrom drives? i just checked mine, and imapi.sys was on one. perhaps yours has a aspi32.sys in it?

ummm… hey did you clean install or upgrade from win98?

Why Do U All Keep saying that XP does Not Need ASPI Layers!!!
Without ASPI installed in my XP Pro my Burning/Copying don’t work Proper…Work that un out…So all I gota say is This…Install ASPI 4.60 n You’ll have No Probs…(Don’t Install 4.70)…

Its said because XP doesnt use ASPI to access the cd-rom drives. Other programs sometimes need to, but that has nothing to do with XP. But I do agree and as posted above, I will repeat I always suggest installing ASPI.

Best thing to do is to install 4.57 and upgrade to 4.60.