Windows Explorer keeps crashing



Hey there everybody. Lately I have been experiencing a problem with Windows Explorer. Every time I try to access a particular folder, Windows Explorer crashes and “Ends Program.” This is particularly annoying since I need to access the contents of this folder and they are not easily replaced. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


First off Welcome to the forums DThrawn :wink:

You need to include more info such as what version of Windows you are using
and have you ran a virus scan and malware scan and have you tried to open the
folder while running in safe mode? The more info you can provide the more likely
it is that someone will be able to help you out. :iagree:


I’ve been having the same problem in win 7 lately off and on. I think a update or driver install scrambled something.
I had to go to system restore and restore to a earlier date before it stated happening to fix it. This last time I ran it while in task manager and hit the new task/run box and typed in the command I needed to make it run. It even crashed eventually in safe mode. Once I got it restored to a earlier time when it was OK it runs fine again.
You probably updated or added something new or even caught a virus that is causing it.
You might want to try what worked for me becuase if you know when it happened you can just restore to the next earliest point before, even if it’s a minute before, and it might work for you again.