Windows Explorer keeps crashing



Everytime I try and open a particular folder in my computer Windows Explorer crashes and closes down. I have noticed that there’s a problem a while back. Whenever I went into this folder all the icons would disappear and then reappear a second later. Sometimes Explorer would not load the folder at all and that folder would crash. I could still do anything else I wanted to do - even open the folder again in Explorer, but the one that crashed would stay at the bottom until I restarted. If I tried to close it down it would close down Windows Explorer. Now I can’t even access the folder without Windows Explorer crashing. I can get into any other folder without problems. I have tried to estore my system to an earlier point which was ok until I tried to open the folder again and the same thing happened.


I had this problem before. I am not completely sure on what was wrong, but i think that i had saved a .dll file in the folder, that tried to run every time i opened the folder, and because it couldnt run, the computer crashed. Im not sure if i deleted just the .dll file or most contents of the folder, but i did get it working by deleting something. Although it could always be a virus. Do a scan to check.

oh yeah, and if you cant get in the folder to delete it try starting in safemode


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Microsoft releasing IE fixes around April 11th. Maybe this will help.


The problem is with [U]Windows[/U] Explorer.


Everytime I try and open a particular folder in my computer Windows Explorer crashes and closes down.
Do you know if folder has anything of value? What is the folder name … is it a sub-folder, if yes what is the parent folder? First guess, folder content(s) may be corrupted. What happens when you do a “Properties” inquiry to the folder. Have you tried checking the folder when in “Safe Mode”? Can you “Move” the folder to a floppy or CD? Could try installing a replacement for Windows Explorer type program … maybe one could open the folder. Try one of the Zip installs, easy to uninstall.


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Yes I know. Sorry but one of the patches to be released is apparently going to fix a problem that occurs between IE & Windows Explorer. Although this is presumably when running the two together, it may have some spin off. I apologise for not giving details in prior post.


Dennis has the right idea: try an alternative file browser to see what all there is in that folder (I reccommend A43 File Management Utility from , it’s standalone and doesn’t write anything to the registry). Copy all files - including any system file - to a new folder, then delete the problem one, see if the problem goes away.


I managed to create a new folder and moved all the files to it and then deleted the old one, but it hasn’t changed anything.


Garybrown02, it would be very helpful if we knew, understood the origin of problem folder. When in Explorer, expand view to include folder tree…
1st) What is NAME of problem folder?
2nd) What is the Parent Folder this folder is contained in?

This would give us a direction to pursue. If problem folder is example in “Program Files”. Then we would need to know the function of program, has program been recently added, update installed or deleted (possible orphan folder). Any history to this problem folder would be most helpful.
Another example, if problem folder was in “TEMP” parent folder, then we could just delete the problem folder in 99.99999% of the cases.


The problem folder is called ‘Movie Files’ which contains short clips of funnies, short sporting events, etc. It is in my D drive, which is an additional hard drive that I use for backing up and storing files I want to keep should I need to format.


Thank you for info …
Good, this does not appear to be a critical system folder. I would surmise this folder was created by you and you point or drag video clips into folder.

Whenever I went into this folder all the icons would disappear and then reappear a second later.
This could possible suggest a corrupted icon / and or corrupted / incorrect file association for one of the files. The solution is not so much WHAT is broke, but WHICH ONE is broke.
Create another folder on D drive … Call it Movie Files 2. Hopefully you can open “Movie Folder” without crashing and leave it open. Drag first file in view to Movie Files 2. Now open Movie Files 2 folder, if you don’t crash, close folder. Repeat the above steps one file at a time, always closing and opening Movie Files 2 folder after each file move. Hopefully you will find the file causing the problem. Keep in mind you may have more than one corrupted file. If you find a corrupted file, isolate it a 3rd folder called BAD VIDEO FILE and continue the steps until each file has been moved to Movie Files 2 and the folder opens correctly.


The only problem with that is that ‘Movie Files’ opens without a crashing sometimes.


that’s not what you said in the original post!

Everytime I try and open a particular folder in my computer Windows Explorer crashes and closes down.

you have to be detailed AND accurate to get help that is going to be at all meaningful. I still think that Dennis L.'s method is something worth trying unless there’s a LOT of files in that folder that you’d have to go through…


That’s how it was at that particular time. Everytime I opened the folder Windows Explorer would crash and close down. I have done some changes such as view files as icons instead of thumbnails and it now only crashes now and then. But when it was crashing all the time that was the motivation I needed to get it sorted before I lost some data.


I had the same problem a while ago and was on the verge of a reinstall. But before I went that far I decided to try giving my registry a good clean out with Registry Mechanic. It found and repaired almost a thousand invalid registry entries, errors, bits of software left behind after uninstalls, shortcuts and unnecessary dlls. Since then windows explorer has worked a lot smoother. I now do a registry clean everytime I shut down my PC!

Hope this helps!


i had the same problem and i still haven’t figure out how to fix it without crashing. hopefully the new updates will work


If your folder contains media files, then this might be the solution:

  1. Open command-console (START > RUN > CMD.EXE)
  2. enter the command: regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll
  3. enter the command: regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll

And that’s all folks.

The reason for your crash is a problem with media previews in explorer (explorer calculates a thumbnail view of an image or the first frame of a video file). By disabling this feature (which is useless anyway) explorer stops crashing.


Right-click on the “Movie Files” folder; select Properties and then click on the Customize tab.
In the box that says “What kind of folder do you want?” select “Documents (for any file type)”, then click on the Apply button.
Your folder now has the Movie type customization removed. You might also try to create some category sub-folders in “Movie Files” to make navigation easier.


Thanks for the info, SoftMOL. It worked beautifully :slight_smile:


How do you enable it again if this is not the problem, I have a problem that everytime I right click on my Desktop and try to use the " Send To" option my computer freezes.If I hold the mouse over “SendTo” for about 30 seconds it will work but something is blocking this option. I am at a loss, this is Windows XP Home.