Windows Explorer has

Windows Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close… Microsoft apologize for any inconvenience their crap operating system has caused, but we’re a monopoly so screw you. :a

I get this every time I open ‘My Videos’ folder. The folder consists of, as most peoples do, several other folders of different stars, and inside these are the various videos. AVI, MPEG, DivX, MP4, Xvid etc. I have tried a fresh reload of XP, then created new folders and put all the videos back inside - still crashes. I have copied the entire ‘My Videos’ folder to my second hard drive (All 75Gigs :frowning: ) Even then when I open it up, it crashes.

I can play all the videos, I can drag one out onto my desktop as that error box taunts me, everything works fine except Explorer crashing and closing all open folders leaving me back at square one.

I have heard there is some sort of AVI bug, but never found anything of substance to explain it. I use CC Cleaner to fix the registry, and am on XP with Service Pack 2. All updated. Klite Mega pack installed.

Anyone else here have this annoying problem, thanks for any help.

Here’s some caps of the error, damn thing goes on forever. You’d think if it’s smart enough to know there is an error they’d know how to fix it. All I can find on Microsoft’s site is it is everyone else’s fault - rogue dialler’s, Kodak software. WTF!

A single corrupt file in that folder can cause this. I have had it happen to me before. After I weeded out the offending file everything was fine. Moving the offending file from one place to another will not make the problem go ayay. If this was to happen on every folder you tried to open then the os may have become corrupt but it sounds like you are only having problems opening a certain folder.

Yeah it’s only on the My Videos folder. Does that mean it’s a single video file that’s corrupt - does that mean I have to play every video to see if it works or is it something more technical, ie: the video will play okay but hidden in there is the cause of my problem?

Thanks for the reply. Microsoft are useless, blame everyone else for it, rogue dialler/tell you to uninstall Kodak Software. Reading their help and support pages drain your soul. :sad:

you may have to copy files a few at a time, opening the folder after each transfer to determine what file is causing the problem.

i would do batches of 10 or so so expedite the process. i don’t know of any automated way to determine what may be wrong…sorry!

You can move them a few at a time to another folder then open the forder. When you finally can’t open the new folder you found the offending file. Some times people put all kinds of funky headers in a file sort of like an attempted virus. When the file opens it makes a call to something and if it can’t connect or some update in windows prevents it from making that call explorer can crash. See where im heading with this. Even if you have to move the files one at a time. Im willing to bet the offender is in the base folder as the os would not have attempted to open sub folders. This has happened to me maybe 1/2 dozen times. Always a single file or a set of files usually from the same source.

Thanks for all the help. :bow:

What I’ll do is seperate my own clips from vids I’ve downloaded. Maybe I should just keep them all on DVD. :wink:

I just thought of something else. Try running an antivirus and some antispam / spy ware programs against that folder only. See it they spot anything. I bet they won’t as headers are usually to obscure to be detected as such but it can’t hurt. Adaware, spybot are free. On-line virus checkers can be found all over the place. Stick with the big names like Mcafee, Norton, or Trend. DON"T trust those second stringer programs who usually tell you that you have a problem just so you will buy their product. The big companies will be straight up with you.