Windows Explorer hangs after eject the cd that is being explored

When I use Windows Explorer to browse a CD and manually eject the CD while one of the CD folders is still opened in Windows Explorer, the explorer window hangs and never recovers till reboot.

I have tested another cd drive (BTC 24x UltraDMA2) and in that case, when ejecting the CD while browsing it in Windows Explorer, the explorer automatically jumped to the next available folder from My Computer, e.g., the Control Panel.

I have an original Windows XP Professional.
Asus P5AD2 Premium Motherboard
LG 4082B DVDWriter 8x (A208 Firmware version)

The optical drive is connected to the Primary IDE controller as Master device with a 40-pin IDE cable.

I don´t know if the problem is related to the motherboard, the optical drive or is a software problem.

could anyone help me?

Thanks a lot

Buggy explorer. None you could really do but replaciong it by a better tool like DIRECTORY OPUS!

Thanks Chef,but why does it work fine with another drive?

I think it’s because of the icon cache craps out - that’s notorious with all explorer versions I have seen so far.
m$ were never be able to solve this issue…

I`ve found the origin of the problem. It is cause by the real time protection of Panda Antivirus 2006. They know about this problem and they are trying to solve it as soon as possible.