Windows Explorer error



I get this error when clicking on my DVD-RW drive after inserting blank media. Is anyone aware of this error?

Also, is Windows Explorer supposed to open after blank media is inserted? This used to happen before but not anymore. I don’t know if the change happened after I switched from Roxio to Nero…


Possibly because Explorer can’t “read” a blank disc ;)…I just tried this in both the drives in this machine, both say the same thing yours does.

I wouldn’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks :slight_smile: .

Should Windows Explorer pop up after I insert a blank media?


Anytime…Explorer has a lot of quirks :wink:

As for the pop-up window…I find sometimes it pops up, asking what I want to do with the disc…sometimes not. I’ve come to ignore these quirks :bigsmile:


An OS like XP has no support for recordable DVD media (except DVD-RAM / FAT32).
It cannot recognize such media, reading blanks would be useless, or better said, futile.
You need a proper burning app, and don’t use explorer for such tasks…


I knew you wouldn’t be too far behind :bigsmile:


If I remember correctly, a blank DVD (I don’t remember whether it was +R or -R) in my TSSTcorp TS-L632B showed up as Blank CD… :confused:


That’s just a known bug, it happens with quite a few of us. Hence what chef has said.


Windows XP shows even DVD discs which have been written to as CDs with my BenQ DW-1640. It’s the same old idiotic bug.

What I’ve always wanted to know is this : why do people always put a blank DVD in their drives and then click on the drive letter in Windows? What are they expecting to see? They know the disc is blank in the first place, so why bother examing the contents?


Maybe some are hoping to be able to just capy and paste things over to it like from one drive to another. You never know.


I always wondered that too, given that XP has no native support for drag’n’drop to DVD :iagree:


I’ll tell you, :bigsmile: It’s when you two drives, and you are a bit slow on the uptake at discerning which one on your my computer thing has the disc in, or b, if you’ve accidently put a few discs to one side and are not sure which is blank and which are :slight_smile: ive been there.


Leads to the Q: why did m$ not fix this??
A: They want to make more money, not $upport their product$.

Sad but true.


Ah chef but it might be one of the features they try to use to get us to go to Vista and thus make more money. After all why add a feature to an old OS when you can get people to pay out even more money for a new one?

Mind you I didn’t even know XP had a CD burning utility I just used my Roxio software.

Did domestic DVD writes exist when XP came out? It’s been that long I don’t remember.


It was not main stream at the time but they could have added it anytime they wanted to but did not. Now you will get it with vista under their rules


Turn your stupid autorun off before you get something you really don’t want :doh:
Better yet rename the registry key that controls it so nothing can change it.
Woops wrong word. Set the permissions of the key to restricted


I get the feeling that some of you are misunderstanding the problem (which in truth is not a problem)… Autorun is not an issue. The issue is after the blank media is loaded, when I click on the drive letter under windows explorer I get the error. This makes sense (as Arachne said) because Explorer doesn’t read blank discs.

The thing is that I was used to Drag ‘n’ Drop when I had Roxio installed but after switching to Nero this option is not available thus when trying to access the blank media through Explorer I get an error. Makes sense.


Got ya now. Yep that happens. Nothing on the disc so explore goes HUH?
Commen as dirt, not a problem. Drag and drop is just looking for trouble. Once a disc is formated for D&D it’s hard to make it normal again.
Roxio and nero’s D&D fight like cats and dogs. Why most just turn them off as well as the windows CD writing.

example: below two discs in various stages of format


Good to see we’re on the same page now. I apologize for creating a huge thread for a non-problem… :frowning:


Don’t worry about it. The information in this thread will be useful for future readers who have the same problem. That the issue was misinterpreted here means that it has been clarified for all future readers to see.

Oh btw, if drag and drop was your preferred way of using a DVD writer, you might want to consider getting a DVD writer with DVD-RAM support for your next one. DVD-RAM discs were made to be used in exactly that way.