Windows Explorer Default View

Win XP Home : When i open Windows Explorer, the default view has “My Documents” drop-down list. I don’t want that. I want the “My Computer” section to be the open drop-down.

How do I change that forever and forever … as opposed to having to forever and forever re-click the view every time Explorer opens?

ALSO: I never use the My Music or My Photos subfiles; how do I erase them forever and forever?

Thanks. Appreciated.

Hiker, when I bring up WinExplorer (WinKey + E), I adjust my View as I like it (Details, Show Hidden-System, etc.), even STATUS Bar.

Then I go to the TOOLS menu, FOLDER OPTIONS and switch to the VIEW tab. Then I click on the APPLY TO FOLDERS button… yes, yes, I’m sure… just do it.

Then I exit.

My WinExplorer Views should now be the same.

As for those Synonymed Folders, yes, what a pain. Boy, wait until you fall into Win7 and Win8 - they have synthetic Libraries (collections of folders, including these synonymed fake ones) plus even MORE synonymed fake-name folder groupings.

I still don’t understand “Why not make it simpler than lying about what a Real Folder is and what it’s not.” I have gotten used to it and try to avert my eyes.

It’s my best (and only) advice on the matter.

Thanks - followed your pointers and it works properly when using WinKey + E, but I’m used to hitting START and then “w” to open WinExplorer; is there some way to Shortcut the WinKey + E process into my Start Menu so I can have the correct functionality while using my keystrokes?


The two-finger WinKey + E tap is about as simple as I can imagine. (Well, thumb & index - one thumb, one finger.)

I guess there’s a variety of hot-key software you could install to engage a multitude of other keystrokes, mouse curls and waves, clicks and lassos, but a two-finger tap is as simple as I know.

You can always drag the WinExplorer icon to the QuickLaunch Bar, too, and then each time, move the mouse around to locate its pointer, then drag it down to that QuickLaunch bar, find the right icon and tap on it.