Windows Explorer Copy

I am running Win98SE and Lite-On LTR52327S. Write times from hard drive to CDR are <3:00 min for 700MB using Nero Express. However, it takes 14 min to copy the same data from CDR to hard drive when using Windows Explorer to make the transfer. I think I’m reading the CDR at X52, but I’m not sure. Does anybody know why that is?

This is normal. You never read at 52x the cd-rom oscillates read and can max out at 52x. You can write at very high speeds sometimes close to 52x but not at 52x either. However, writing is always higher and comes closer to 52x than reading and copying. Also other factors such as Windows read/write function algorithm being different from burning software. Just as well, Explorer check for redundancy(file verification…sort of) and writing doesn’t, especially when using an ISO, because its just native and writes as it sees. Try writing on the fly, you will notice its a bit slower because it also checks for errors.

Thanks for the info. I also performed a DOS copy of the CDR to hard drive, and got the same 14 min result as Win Explorer. Does DOS copy verify the data, too? I forgot to mention that I performed the read test in Nero CD Speed, and the drive checks out with an average speed of x39. Wouldn’t the Win Explorer transfer occur faster than 14min even if it verified the data when the drive is operating at an average speed of x39? I also have Nero Drive Speed set to a read spead of x52 (don’t know if that affects anything).

1x drivespeed = 150 kbps. 700 mb * 1024 kb/1 mb = 716800 kb

716800 kb / (39 (drive speed) * 150kbps) = 122.52 seconds

//hope im not missing something. those are ideal.

i also have no idea if the 1x drivespeed takes into account the ECC fields. i bet it does, in which case 700 -> 800. the math is all the same, otherwise.