Windows DVD Maker Burn Speeds



Most DVD discs, drives, etc. are rated for speed in multiples like 4X, 8X, 16X.

Windows DVD Maker uses the terms Slow, Medium, Fastest.

Does anyone know what the DVD Maker speeds equate to as multiples of ‘X’? Thanks.


No, but I’d use medium (most blanks burn best at half the rated speed). You might want to try ImgBurn to do the actual burning, as it does allow you more control of your burner.


Thanks…I have actually been using the ‘Slow’ burn setting with recent burns. Although I had some good burns at the ‘Fastest’ setting, later on I had some failures with ‘Fastest’ (and with ‘Medium’) to complete the burn, and some audio glitches in the DVD. So, to be on the safe side, I went to the ‘Slow’ setting and have not had such problems as before.

I also see (from reading this forum) that other variables may come in to the picture, such as type and brand of disc media. Guess I will try to keep track of that a little better also.

I will try again with the ‘Medium’ setting next time.


Get some Verbatim. Can’t go wrong with those. In the US someone usually has them for ~$15 per 50 (or less!)