Windows DRM, whats the deal?

:bow: hi all,

i was wondering if there is a way to unlock, or crack, the DRM feature on some downloaded files? for example, i would like to buy legitimatley an adult film off a website. downloading it is fine and better for me. but its only going to allow me access to it for 30 days. seeing that im willing to pay for it, i feel i should own it. is there a way to remove the licence?

also, what is the deal with beagle screamer? does it work? has anyone tried it, or has anyone got a way to remove the DRM

is there a way of re-formatting the DRM video file to an AVI for example? would that work?

many thanks in advance

Not really.

Early DRM was cracked, but it was mostly DRM for WMA’s (audio). There have been rumors that some hackers have cracked DRM, but we have yet to see an executable.

There are ways around audio DRM. Essentially you burn the audio to CD and then rip the CD. :wink:

I don’t know if you can do the same with WMV… maybe if you had DVD authoring software that worked with WMP10, you could burn to DVD and then rip? I dunno… I’m conjecturizing here.

i fully agree w/ thefinest1 - i do not mind paying for content if i get to keep the content i pay for !

What are you doing buying content knowing full well it will vanish. I think many just don’t get it. Stop buying and things will change. The message is still like talking to a brick wall or a rock next to the road. If you buy something it’s yours forever, If you enter into a rental contract you don’t. :rolleyes:

So anyway in your 30 days they got your money and your left with dust in the wind.