Windows doesnt find my liteon



hey… i’m on a soltek75DRV4 266 with latest firmware
i got a seagate iv 60gb, ibm 120gxp 80GB and a brand new maxtor 160gb. i also have a liteon2410b. And i’m on win2k adv server Sp3.

Now the thing is, when i boot up, it shows my liteon on the primary ide channel

like this:

maxtor y241XXXX


but when i come into windows, there’s no cdrw to be found… what can this be about? any clues of what to do?


Try deleting the primary channel or the whole IDE controller in device manager and rebooting…sounds strange that BIOS finds and Windows does not.


could it possibly some kinda jumper error? i’mma go try that out…


I would do as Bad Religion suggested , if still not there restart in safe mode and look for any instances of the drive in device manager, remove any that are there (and any old drives ) and reboot.


hey :slight_smile: well sorry both BadReligionPR nmpaulcp, it didnt work to delete the IDe controller… it was a jumper error…the maxtor hd was set to cable select, and the liteon to master. so i switched and set the maxtor to master and the liteon to slave… and now it works :wink: