Windows does not recognise copied dvds

Since upgrading to dvdfab express I have had a problem with windows not recognising copied discs. When i put a dvd -r disc with a moive that I copied windows says there is no disc in the drive. This was not a problem with dvdfab express or with any earlier version. I bought this program in the fall and this is the first problem I have had. I burnt a movie as a test and windows media player would play it after it was burnt but if i open the burner drawer and reclose it windows no longer recognises that a disc is in the drive. Also the drawer does not automaticly eject when the movie is finished burning.

do you have autorun disabled?

I noticed after disabling auto-run on my DVD drives that the information is not refreshed. I’ve even gotten errors a few times in DVDFab saying the source wasn’t available or something like that.

I’ve gone back and re-enabled autorun and it solved my problems. Don’t know if it is related to yours though