Windows Does Not Recgonise



Windows does not recgonise when a disc is inserted into my DVD-Rom or my DVD +/- Drive and when it does, i take the disc out and it still thinks its in! :frowning: and also sometimes does not display disc name, could it be software related worked well till installed few software packadges now uninstalled them still does it. Software installed at the moment

Alcohol 120% (latest)
Any DVD (latest)
CloneCD (latest)
CloneDVD (latest)
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink
Intervideo DVD Copy3
Magic ISO
Divx to DVD
Did have Copy To DVD which did cause problems when it installed its own driver now uninstalled

Any soloutions??? :bow:


Try cleaning up the registry. Installing crapware will often result in similar problem. May need to wipe the hard drive and reload windows.

If you want to test software, then image the Windows partition PRIOR to loading the program.


I had the same problem when I use to use alcohol 120% it’s one of the reasons I quit using the program.


Cheers might just wipe it like