Windows does not detect my CD/DVD drive Please help!

I have an HP Pavilion DV 6700 Notebook PC with Windows Vista. I have not used the CD/DVD player in awhile. I went to use it today and it will not play. When I went to my computer the CD/DVD drive is not detected. When I went into the device manager to uninstall the driver, there is no DVD/CD-ROM drive to uninstall. What can I do to fix the issue??

If you go to the BIOS/SETUP of your computer (that’s before starting windows), is the drive recognized there? If it is there, perhaps you could try booting an Linux Live cd. If this works, your hardware is ok and it’s solely a software problem.

I went to the BIOS and I am not quite sure what I am looking for. I did see the CD/DVD drive listed in the boot order options but no where else.

Try a bootable disk in the drive as Mr. Belvedere suggests. It doesn’t have to be a Linux distro, you could use a copy of the Ultimate Boot cd too.

Make sure the boot order has the optical drive listed first, not the hard drive. If it will boot up using the disk, you know the hardware itself is not the problem.