Windows Does not Detect DVD RW Drive




Windows XP is not detecting my new DVD drive. I notice that during boot-up, my BIOS detects the drive on the Secondary IDE Master. But windows refuses to recognize. Anybody got ideas?

P.S. I reason I got the new drive was b/c I was having the same problem w/ the old drive. I my knowledge, jumpers are correct and powers in etc…


Thanks in advance



What kind of drive is it and what do you see in device manager?



It is a Liteon SOHW-1673S. The device manager doesn’t show anything.The device manager has a slot for “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” and underneath that “Primary IDE Channel” and “Secondary IDE Channel.” When you click on the secondary, the status is “Device is Working Properly.”

Am I even on the right track? I don’t know if I’m asking the right qusetions. Bottom line, Windows XP is not detecting either drive.


P.S. I didn’t think the drive type was crucial because the old drive I replaced was having the same problem. The old drive which I have set as a slave is a Norcent


Hey Jaffe… My gut feeling is telling me that you have a bad IDE cable. It’s a cheap thing to check. $10.00 max to purchase. I suggest getting one and swapping it out but get an 80 wire not 40. Good Luck




I’m not doubting you, but do you think the drive would be detected correctly during boot-up with a bad cable?



Remove the Primary and Secondary IDE channels in Device Manager. Reboot. Is the drive detected? Are you using Master/Slave or Cable Select jumper mode?


Hey Jaffe… Maybe I missunderstood you. I thought you said that it wasn’t detected in the device mgr. In fact you Quote “The device manager doesn’t show anything.” But you did say that the bios detected it.:confused: I still say cable. And for as cheap as they are, this is where I’d start. Also furballi’s suggetion isn’t a bad thing to try either. So I gues I’d do that first and if no luck there, go for the cable. Good luck and let us know how it goes.



I uninstalled Primary and Secondary IDE channels in Device Manager and Rebooted. No Dice.

I am using Master / Slave. The LiteOn 1673S is jumpered as master. The old CD RW (made by Norcent) is jumpered as a slave.


Sorry for being less than crystal clear. You were right. During boot-up, the bios detects the LiteOn drive. After boot-up when windows starts, the drives do not appear in “My Computer” nor in the device manager.



This maybe a long shot, but could System Restore Help you? :confused:




Hey Jaffe… Originally, did you just have 1 drive and now your adding a 2nd.? You say the old CD RW (Above) is jumped as slave. Was it this way before? And what brand of system do you have? If your sure that the Litey is Master and the old is Slave, I guess before I’d try the cable, just for the hell of it, I’d try running them in Cable Select and see what happens. If still no dice, then I’d still go back to the cable and swap it out.



Yes I originally had the one CDRW that was intermittently working. I bought the new DVDRW because it was time to move into the DVD world and in hopes it would solve my problem. But alas windows didn’t detect this drive either.

The DVDRW was master and the the CDRW was a slave. As per your suggestion I just switched them both to cable select. Windows still doesn’t detect either drive.

Could it be software?



I’m no expert but I don’t think so.


Have you checked that your Bios is set to Auto detect your IDE devices, and checked that all your cables are properly plugged in to the mainboard and drive? I know it’s a stupid question but it’s often missed.


Nothing’s a stupid question at this point. Yes as a matter of fact, I did check the BIOS and the connections.



Maybe try going one step further than furballi’s suggestion and remove the whole shot “ATA Storage controllers” not just primary and secondary, and reboot. Before you do that though, what Chipset do you have? Intel, Nvidia,Via?


Have you tried installing both drives individually? Maybe you CDRW is causing probs on that channel, or maybe the prior installation is confusing it. You also might try installing the DVD then CD in that order.

What are your system specs? I’m assuming XP.


Hey Jaffe… If the CD/RW was working intermitantly then take it out and just try the DVD set as master. Intermittant tells me one of three things. Cable, drive or channel is hosed. So lets just try the new DVD drive and see whats up. And again, what is your system?



for fuck’s sake…BUY A NEW CABLE!!!


Easy buddy! It’s only been a day since Sportfish suggested it.