Windows Detects Multiple Antivirus

The problem: Windows is detecting multiple anti-virus when I only have one installed.

The Reason:I bought D-links Secure Spot and installed it on my computer, for those of you that don’t know what Secure Spot is, it’s a little box made by Bsecure Technologies that filters out viruses, spyware, and its a parental control filter as well. We’ll anyways once this is plugged in on your computer it installs a Content Filter, Anti-virus, Firewall, Pop-up & Spyware killer, Spam and Phishing protection. you have to download whats called D-link’s Thin Client which consists of Mcafee Spamkiller. So all this was installed on my computer.

What happened:I was really skeptical about D-links Secure Spot protection and was told that All-in-one programs, applications, solutions are not really the way to go and I agree. Plus it was about $100 bucks for this so I can save some money by returning this. The only thing I liked about it was the Parental Filter. It worked Great! So I uninstalled it and I am currently using my Windows XP firewall and using Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition but if I disable both of these, Windows Security Center tells me that “Bsecure Firewall” is disabled and that “windows has detected multiple anti-viruses”.

What I’ve tried: I have uninstalled everything that had to do with Mcafee and Bsecure Technology. I searched the registry for both of these names and erased everything I could. I downloaded Mcafee Removal tool and ran it to clean my computer out. I have used several registry cleaners like CCleaner, Tweaknow Registry Cleaner, Hijackthis but nothing seems to work.I’ve also done a file search on my computer for anything but nothing seems to be causing this.

FYI: AOL Security Scanner has detected as well that I have multiple AV applications.

So what do you think? What should I do? Thanks in advance

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