Windows Detection Problem



ok, here’s my problem. i recently installed a LG GSA-4163B DVD-RW in my computer and windows kept asking for DVD-RAM drivers every time i loaded windows but at the time i couldn’t find any such drivers, so i thought maybe doing a windows repair might fix the problem…this only made it worse…now it does not detect any drive at all…but now i have the DVD-RAM driver lol…what do i have to do to get it back?


First idea as always:
Go to Device Manager, expand CD/DVD Rom Drives, delete them one by one (if Win asks for Reboot, say “No” or “Do that later” or what it was. After removing the last DVD/CD-ROM drive, reboot. This mostly helps.

Keep us updated :wink:

EDIT: Sorry, if windows did not even recognize them, you are out of luck probably :frowning: You may want to try the Hardware Wizard and see whether it finds something.


ok it just asked for the DVD-RAM driver again after i put the old drive back in…i gave it the location, doesn’t work, ran the installer for the drivers…still doesn’t work…this is a pain in the ass…


Hi. Aren’t you the person who sent me a PM asking for German-language DVD-RAM drive files?

Was it just because the GSA-4163B drive was not recognized in your PC at all? In that case, DVD-RAM driver is not what is needed. You don’t need a DVD-RAM driver to use GSA-4163B. Just have a clean-installed Windows XP PC or any other version of OS.


nope, wasn’t the one that pmed you.

and ya i was thinking that i would have to do a fresh install.

also…what would cause nero to lock up at 4% when burning? (cd-rw not the 4163b)


Maybe I was confused (I recently got too many messages.)

Locking a drive while it’s burning a disk??? Locking an ODD means the burning software is locking it to prevent interference I thought.


for example i will try to copy a disc, it will cache the disc then ask for the blank media, so i put it in, and then it starts, gets to 4% and freezes. also, is there any way i can get windows to detect the 4163b without doing a fresh install?


There must be ways, but a PC has so many components and every user has different combination of OS and applications.

Which drive is experiencing the 4% freeze? A CD writer or GSA-4163B? If a CD-R media freezes at 4% while burning, it must be an incompatible or defective media. (Unless the drive itself is defective, that is, which is far less likely.)


hmm it may be that particular brand of disc, as it does it for all the discs i think…

it is the CD-RW that is having the problem…i am going to try using Alcohol 120% instead of Nero see if anything changes…