Windows desktop freeze?



hi i hope this is in the right forum now?
i have a medion quad core intel pc, my desktop has froze after i have logged on to windows or a website.
i have not changed anything or added new hardware recently.
can anyone help?


Moved to the general software forum :slight_smile:

Did you run a full scan of the system searching for virus or other malware problems?


hi yes i did nothing showing but i ran a registery scan and there was alot of stuff come up, i dont know anything about registry can you help?:bow:


You have to be very, very, very, very, careful when it comes to messing around and deleting
stuff in the Windows registry because just [B]one (1) [/B]little mistake and you can [B]BRICK[/B] the
whole Windows OS.

That would require that you do one of two different things first off before you ever change
anything in the registry you should always make a backup of the registry and save it so you
can repair it. Second thing if you do not have it backed up would be a re-install of Windows :doh:
so if you’re not sure of what you are doing it is best to just leave the registry alone. :iagree:


ok, what next? could it be a program or driver?


Did you delete something in the registry? What software did you use?

You can try a system restore to a date previous the registry scan :slight_smile:


hi no i never touched it, dont know anything about it, system restore to last week?


If you didn’t change the registry, then it is not needed to do a system restore.

Can you find a cause of the freezing? For example every time you open a specific software?


Windows update could’ve updated a driver or something that is causing a conflict.


when i go onto windows it freezes, when istart the computer i can go into any file or program as soon as i go onto windows(the net) i go back to the desktop it wont open anything!


Do you have any better luck in safe mode?


no i have not tried it, just f8 when booting up?


[QUOTE=md74;2535218]no i have not tried it, just f8 when booting up?

Yes keep pressing the F8 key at boot up and select safe mode or you can try
safe mode with networking so you can try it on a internet website also.

My best guess is it is either a driver issue as justcallmebob said Windows update
might have updated one of your drivers and that is causing a conflict and that is
the reason why I never let Windows update change any of my drivers anymore
because it has happened to me before on my sound card and caused a conflict.

The other thing I can think of is it might be your IDE/SATA hdd cable going bad
I had about the same symptoms as you’re having the system would freeze up on
the desktop or on a web site.

I changed the hdd SATA cable out and no more freezing up that is not until one of
my SATA burner cables went bad and it started doing it again changed it out and
the freeze ups were gone again.


It is not a bad idea to run also a memtest. Maybe there is something wrong in RAM sticks :frowning:

It is very simple. Download the ISO, burn it on a CD, then boot from the CD and leave the test running for at least 2 passes. If no errors are found, then we can exclude RAM as cause of the problem :slight_smile:

If errors are found, then you need to replace RAM :frowning: