Windows default drivers



first of all, I would like to thank everyone who has respoded in my earlier posts for the help. Anyway, I recently had a lite-on dvd-rom drive in my computer go bad. I got a Sony DVD-RW drive as a replacement and installed it. Well, the company I bought the computer from honored their warranty and sent me out a replacement Lite-on DVD-rom drive. So, I took out the Sony DVD-RW and replaced it with the new Lite-on DVD-ROM. The problem is that now the computer still thinks I have the SONY drive in my computer under the device manager. I uninstalled the drive/driver and reinstalled and it still detects the Sony drive. Overall, the drive works ok, but I think there may be a problem with it becomming non-responsive after about a hour of idleness. Is there anyway I can have windows reinstall the original drivers that it auto-installed with the first lite-on drive? I believe is was called atapi somthing. Why does it keep detecting a sony drive if there is not one installed? By the way, restoring windows to a point before I installed the Sony drive does not work. PLEASE HELP!!