Windows D.E.P. disabled for DVDFab

Hi Everyone,

I have been curious about this for a while. Every time I update DVDFab Platinum , Window’s Data Execution Prevention feature seems to be disabled by default . No other software I’ve installed disables DEP .
My computer is a WinXP Pro Sp3 machine .
Is DEP disabled for a specific reason ? If not , would it be safe to enable DEP for DVDFab ?

Windows will interfere at crucial times if the DVDFab and DVDFab Console EXEs(and possibly others by now) are not on the exception list. I was not aware that it disabled DEP completely.

DVDFab only adds itself to DEP disabled list, it will not disable DEP.

Didn’t think so. Thanks, Fengtao.

I made a “typo” with my post . I meant to say that DEP was only disabled for DVDFab on my computer.
And after reading your replies , I have another question : If I use Nero burning ROM has my burning engine , should I also add Nero to the list of programs that DEP is disabled ?
Thanks .