Windows Crashing/Restarting After Ejecting Disc

The subject line pretty much says it all.

To elaborate a bit, this happens guaranteed after the first time I back up a movie with Clone DVD/Any DVD. It happens sporadically thereafter, as long as the program’s running (it won’t, then it will, then it won’t).

The disc completes the entire process, and the final product always turns out perfect. However, once the Eject command is pressed, the crash and restart happens the instant the burner tray finishes ejecting. Oddly enough, I do not get a “the system has recovered from a serious error” on a consistent basis.

My versions of the programs:
Any DVD:
Clone DVD: (Downloaded/Updated May 3)
System: Windows XP Home, 512 RAM, 1.53 GHz Athlon
Burner: Generic DVD RW 8x Max (Don’t remember the manufacturer)

Thanks in advance for the help.

I might be completely off here, but i’ve heard of this happening if the versions are not legit (i.e using cracks etc). If they are legit, then I do appologize. I can only reccomend you uninstall, then run regedit, and get rid of any old registry entrys for both programs then do a fresh install.


I’ll try updating AnyDVD and see what that does.

The versions are legit. I have done several updates since I got them. I’ve never messed with my registry at all (truth be told, I’m afraid to). How would I go about doing that?

Here is a .reg file that will remove all Slysoft\Elaborate Bytes program settings. This means AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, CloneCD (probably Clone Mobile, but I don’t have that installed to know for sure).


To use it, rename the file extension to “.reg”, just double click and import.

**Disclaimer - while this is a simple reg file, I am not responsible if the devil shoud possess your computer or this file and wipe you out. I am also not responsible if you edit this file incorrectly, should you choose to do so.

There, that should cover my a** :slight_smile:

Remove_Slysoft.txt (220 Bytes)

wraithdu, did you write that reg file yourself?

if so, thanks. this post is surely getting saved to my favorites as this will be a very helpful tool for those that need to clean out and reinstall due to bad installs or fudged license key installations.

while it shouldn’t be necessary to run this and remove all slysoft registry entries, sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re getting a clean start.

Yep I did. It’s straightforward .reg file syntax. Here’s a Microsoft article with some more info -

Bear in mind that if someone doesn’t want to remove alll their Slysoft\Elby info, you can edit that file and remove either the Slysoft or Elby lines.

If someone wants something more specific and can’t figure it out, I’d be happy to write one real quick. I’m glad you think it’s useful!!

INCD and DLA will do this on some systems! When it tries to play the disk after a burn it will crash the system. Eject is strange to say the least!

You know Greg: It should not be necessary to jump through all those hoops. A programmer is very capable of keeping track of what they do and an uninstall should reference that file to rid a program from the system compleatly. I noticed a change in the way they do things and the MS system files they now use. All in the name of trying to prevent copy. That still ain’t working to well. Disclamer and the truth, I have none of their products installed but I can watch an entire install. (every little detail, done that) I might have to read through 100 pages but I pick up real quick what they are up to and can remove it. Call it a hobby :bigsmile: