Windows command line tool to burn CUE+BIN (or convert it to ISO)?


I’m searching for Windows command line utility, which can burn CUE+BIN images to CD/DVD. At least it should be able to convert CUE+BIN pair to ISO, because I have ISO burnng tools already. Ideal tool would be free and without requirement to install anything. My OS: Windows XP Pro SP2.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t convert a complex cue+bin to an iso because an iso cannot represent multi session/track images.

As such, you’d have to be using simple ones anyway and in which case ImgBurn can just burn the bin file for you (totally ignoring the cue).

Also, cue+bin is not (really) a format used for DVD so we’re pretty much just talking about burning them to CD.

Thanks for the information. Actually, it’s CUE+BIN images of data CD’s. I need to create batch file that will burn them automatically. Recently I found that has its CDRWIN as package of console utilities, too. Unfortunately, it’s not free.

So you need it to be CLI so you can do them all at once (via a batch file), is that it?

ImgBurn has a queue you could just drop all the bin files into.

When it’s done burning an image, you put a new disc in and it carries on with the next image.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Yes, I need something that can be launched via command line with parameters. The whole solution must work unattended, provided that blank CD is inserted already. Putting it simply: input is CUE+BIN with CD’s image, output is burnt CD in a burner drive.

Also, it’s highly desired that the solution will be as simple as possible. Ideally, it should be sufficient to copy a folder with scripts to remote PC. The less installations and preparations the better. OS is guaranteed to be WinXP and higher.