Windows can't find my DVD-drive!



I have a NEC ND-3520A dvd-burner and this is my situation:

I have run Vista on my computer for about a month, and everything was working fine. Yesterday, I installed my new hardware (motherboard, CPU and RAM). Subsequently I turned on my computer and everything was fine, except for one thing: Windows couldn’t find my dvd-drive.

Well, I installed a new driver and then the dvd-drive showed up in “my computer” as F: as it did before. I opened F:, it told me I had to insert a disc and the dvd-drive was automaticly ejected (physically). Everything back as normal I thought. I had obviously plugged the dvd-drive correctly - there was contact between the drive and the computer.

Suddenly, a minute later, the F: disappeared from “my computer”. I couldn’t in any way read the disc inside the drive. Because of my hardware changes I want to reinstall Vista, and therefore I tried to boot from the dvd-drive with the Vista cd inside. Actually, it booted from the cd and started the Windows installation. I chose languages etc and everything seemed fine. But suddenly a warning tells me that the computer couldn’t find a properly working driver for the dvd-drive. I had to quit the installation and here I am.

I didn’t have any trouble with this driver before installing the new hardware. Is this really a driver problem? I have tried installing new drivers and firmware, but I always get the message “Target NEC ND-3520A is not found correctly”.

Can someone please help me? I consider myself a newbie and english is not my first language, so please explain after that. Thanks.


Hi & Welcome to CD Freaks.

Firstly I must compliment you on your English as there’s nothing in what you’ve written that indicates that English is not your first language.

I’ve never installed Vista but in the XP installation you are asked for any special drivers before much on the install is done. I’d guess that you need to do something similar I use the motherboard driver disk.


did you do a reinstall of vista after you put in the new motherboard