Windows cannot find on startup



i get an error message that pops up when i boot the pc saying it cannot find such and such.
I am guessing that this is something that i installed and then uninstalled but it has been left in the registry.
I dont know much about registries and am abit scared that i might do something to the comp if i mess about with it.
Could anyone help me please.


What exactly does it say? what cant it find?

If your using XP then go to Start>run>type ‘msconfig’>startup> then just untick what you dont want to load up at start


Your right about the messing around thing and if theres one main thing ive learned while plaing about with computers is don’t touch the regisry unless you know what you are doing
If it is just a deleted file and the registry was not changed you could try a program called spybot search and destroy not only does it do adware and spyware from the computer but in advanced it can remove dud registry.
you can get it from

If you need any help with this program feel free to PM me
if you still get the message after this then please put the file detail onto this thread with your operating system details and we will try again
hope this helps