Windows CAB file Modify?



I want to know can you add files to the windows CAB files
Well say you get a machine that has on borad sound like the one I have
Download the driver files
Put them in a dir and install
Sound now works
SO ??? how can I put these to a WINDOWS CD an verion say
So now when I reformat my drive put in CD
GO install and it finds the
sound card
all in the install process
Would be a nice way to make up a CD for each PC you come accross and make it idiot proof for the owner to do himself instead of manually installing all the add on’s
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Yes I know about Ghost etc
Yes I can do that but that is after you install everything to it
WHat I trying to do is
Modify the original Install CD WIN 98
XP is crap!!
Why they change something ehen it works to something that does not is beyond me
More memory more everything
Anyway back to the issue
I want to do this because I am a PC techie not programmer ??
So I end up with my 98 modified CD having extra drivers added to it all the time
So if I go out and fix someone’s machine
Put in my modified CD
Bingo in installed and found say on board sound modem or whatever else … because I fixed there best six moths ago and made changes additions to this 98 CD
From the peack inside of CD is looks to me I may be wrong
DO something like this
put the inf file to CD
Where ???
Add the drivers files to which cab file ??
Add the path where ?? so installed finds them
Once I work this out
I could now add any new drivers for anything I come accross to CD
I could call this slipstreaming to CD does that make sense
Like you do with the XP OFFICE XP CD service packs???


horse 1,

too be honest ya dont really need to do all that … there are two programs i love to do reloading for ya …

one is ghost … and other is true image … both of them after you reload your drive and put on programs you want … you use them to make an exact image of your drive. … put on cd or on another hard drive if you want … I like both but i found out true image puts image back on faster …but ghost is alittle more straight forward …that is the only programs you will need …I put back fourty gig hard drive windows xp 1 , nero …photoshop, and about 5 other programs all back on in 15 minutes

also with windows xp … that disc you made is usually only good for that pc …I found out if you mix pc loads like that windows xp dont like it …but on windows 98 and stuff found no problem hehhe


WinACE can make MS CAB files.


Broadly speaking a CAB file is just a zip file with the extension renamed.


I think Winzip will also do it to. I know what you are trying to do and I have done that in the past. Added a bunch of stuff to a cd I put together for rebuilds. The only thing is, Once you put it on a cd-r you cant add to, only to a cd-rw. But if you copy the cabs to the harddrive, then you use Winzip to actually look inside the cabs. Some techs when there are setting up Win98 or Me, will copy the cabs to a seperate partition to setup the machine and run the setup from the extra partition, along with all the extra stuff(Dell does this on some of there server lines.).



Thanks for understanding what it is I am trying to do
Now how to do it is the big question
Does anyone know where I can get info on how to do it
I could put say the extra video driver into cab file
Where ??
HOw do I make the install process know to look for it
I can use Winzip no prob
Have a good understanding of injecting file etc but just how to make it all happen ??
Yes I am a techie
But this tinkering with the software
With someone that is smarter than me showing me the way
I could get there me thinks