Windows Blue now officially designated Windows 8.1



I just posted the article Windows Blue now officially designated Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 is coming, and it is more than a service pack, and more like a re-release of Window’s newest, and most controversial operating system.

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This update had better live up to its billing or I expect there will be H3ll to pay from the public. By living up to its billing I mean it had better have the Start Menu and boot to desktop back as options.


Don’t really know what’s the meaning of the Blue? Is it released for increasing the use of windows 8?


[QUOTE=Rosejerry;2687779]Don’t really know what’s the meaning of the Blue? Is it released for increasing the use of windows 8?[/QUOTE]
It’s because the release will make everyone sad …


“Blue” was just their code word.

They really needed to use “Red” or “Shocking Yellow” or “It always gets darkest before becoming totally black!”, but “Blue” was their choice.


It may have been a reflection on some of their teen-boy years’ physically-painful angst that their supposedly grown-men currently endure.


The fact that their logo is blue probably has absolutely nothing to do with it at all.


Blue is not a great colour to inspire confidence in the IT community, whenever I hear the words “Windows” in conjunction with “blue” my mind automatically appends “…of death”.

As for having to live up to a billing UTR, Microsoft doesn’t really have to do anything more than average, they have the market by the proverbials and they know it. Maintaining share is all they need for now.


Figgy, well put. After the brouhaha of the last-minute denunciation of “Metro” by Microsoft to avoid some copyright infringement issue, I expected Microsoft’s code-naming intelligence to gain a bit of farsightedness.

And the long-standing notoriety of Blue Screen Of Death since - ?? forever ?? in the Windows world - I indeed question the wisdom of any Microsoft manager that would pass along this name as a Windows version code.

Unless… gulp… it’s entirely appropriate for this product’s capabilities.

Does anyone recall if BSOD was around for Win 3.x? I don’t. I’m sure I crashed those machines often enough but I simply don’t recall specifically. I thought the nomenclature “BSOD” arrived a few years afterwards - after even 1995. Maybe it took a couple of years before everyone realized Memory Dump screens could be labeled so poignantly.


IDK about Windows 3.x, but I’m glad Microsoft finally decided to declare a release date, even if it’s just a beta/RC/pre-release version. We’ll find out soon if they have made the final decision to put the Start Menu back.


Dead on figgypuddy. “Blue” refers to the blue screen of death !

Microsoft were so brilliant with their choice of a codename that they chose name based on a color which has been analgous/synonymous with the flakiness of Windows. What techie in the world didn’t think BSOD when they first heard this name ?


Not just techie - think of ANY accountant who is going to sign off on those purchase agreements to bring Blue (screens of death) to every computer in the company. I bet ALL of those accounting folks have run across a few of those in their Windows years. [I] “And now I’m going to pay for new licenses for Blue? Yeah… riiight… I’m only on the 8th Floor, but why don’t YOU jump first and let me know how that works, eh?”
I’m sure it’s all going to work out well in the end, though. I’m not going to hold my breath, though… [I](another veiled Blue reference.)