Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server - Anyone with knowledge?



Just a long shot… but if someone out there can at least provide a pointer.

Installs done:
Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition with all prerequisites (IIS .NET etc)
SQL Server 2014 Standard edition.
Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server
Visual Studio community edition.
{all installs done on one development server for now, will be using 8 once finished}

Research and education. Create a database accessible from a WEB front-end (login for user, updating records etc.)

Background; I get around in VS, and get around well in SQL. I have not test-driven Windows Azure Pack for development at all.

What I would like is some information as to where to start off programming Windows Azure Pack using VS (Is there a ‘better’ language to develop in here), I have found the downloads for VS at Microsofts Azure Pack web page).
Books? own experience? Web-links? Tools? anything.

Web is seemingly ‘the’ thing these days and while I favor VPN to the server and standard desktop-apps for security, I have to ‘keep in there’ and this, unless you say HEY STOP THAT! Here’s what you should do instead, this is where I would like to work as it seemingly will benefit my professional life later on.

I will start working this on Monday, but it is not too late to turn as only the installs are done so far and can easily be reversed. Fwiw, I just wanted to ask the community before commencing.

The ultimate goal is to eventually be able to develop web DB solutions more or less from scratch :flower: