Windows and Winamp just hate .MPGs with a firey passion

Just as the thread title suggests, Windows and Winamp react badly to .MPG video files in a few ways.

  1. If a folder is in Thumbnails mode, clicking on or just viewing the file’s thumbnail will cause Windows Explorer to slow down temporarily before crashing with a generic “Would you like to send an error report?” or sometimes no error at all. Afterwards Explorer reappears as if nothing happens or Windows just booted up.

  2. Playing .MPGs in Winamp or Windows Media Player will crash the program, or Explorer all together.

I can, however, play .MPGs in Windows Media Player Classic.

I’m running Windows XP Home Edition Service Package 2 and use K-Lite Codec Pack.

I’m not exactly sure why it’s doing this, it never has before. Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks in advance.