Windows and Power loss



Hello :confused:

Well, in the last few weeks, I’ve been having power losses(reason, unknown) about 2-3 times a day(there were some days where there weren’t any, but you get the picture)…

Well, now, my windows doesn’t load up. Whenever I open my comp, there is this screen where I could choose Safe mode, safe mode with network, normal mode, the last settings of my comp that worked the best, etc… then a big blue screen appears, telling me there is a problem or whatever and then it restarts my computer all over again, and again, it is the same shit.
I cannot tell you what the blue screen says, as I don’t have time to read it and I doubt the screen will tell anything about how to solve the problem, as there are only short few lines written there about software\hardware problem that fucking occured.

After a few power losses(shall we say about 10?) it started happening me… but at first I wasn’t concerned, I just waited a couple of hours(sometimes a few minutes was all that was needed) and it worked like a charm.

Now, you should know that it is certainly NOT a hardware problem… as besides Windows everything works, and the same problem happened to another computer on my Network, which simple formatting and reinstalling Windows solved, however, I have some pretty serious things in my computer that I DO NOT wish to delete that I would rather having my comp not working and keep hoping it would someday other than formating it!

So, as how I see it, I have 2 choices… Either I find a way to fix my comp, for at least short few hours so I could burn everything down(*sigh, god, hear me), or I could find a software that will send my selected files to another computer on my network. Of course, that software would be the kind where I will run it on ms-dos… I don’t even need it to be graphic, only need to move one folder, perhaps 2 more with a simple command line…

If there are more options, please let me know… if there are no other options, then please help me with these 2 options I mentioned above, of course, I prefer the first one… where I just could operate my comp, burn everything and do a nice little format.
Or god just decides to make me pay for my stupidity when I didn’t burn it all down when it started(the blue screen)… I knew it was going to happen, yet been so lazy… hmph…

P.S, I’ve also heard of the possibility that I could just download the special linux, where I can burn in on CD and then when I put it in my CD-ROM I have linux “installed” and operating in my comp… where it is only on my CD… I can transfer the files from my Windows to another computer on my Network…
But this option takes a lot of time and studying, which I don’t have now really… but it there is no option other than that, then I would learn and do that through linux… so… if there are any comments\explanations\guides on how doing it through linux, then please mention that aswell…

Thanks in advance… Hopefully it will be solved anytime soon…


From the amount of Power losses you’ve stated, your Windows install has most likely been corrupted. Are you able to select safe mode before it continues? You could try booting off your XP install disc and running recovery console, or looking here . The linux alternative to save your files sounds like the best idea, and maybe investing in a UPS would be a wise decision.


generaly i think some win files are corupted (errors on hdd) use WinXP instal disc to repair instalation it should help whit Windows (if not backup your files and install win again), programs u was using maybe will need reinstal.

if u have so often power losses … realy think about UPS even 300 class, the cheapest will realy help.


Well, thanks for your help… I got a few questions though…

pollushon, yes, I had tried to run Windows by Safe mode, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried all options…
Also, the site is very helpful… I would probably use the repair options… hopefully it will work, as I have already mentioned, I don’t have the same to start messing with Linux.

I will update you on the reparing proccess.


Well, I’ve got a bit of a situation going on…

I’m following the guide on:

However, when I try to copy software(copy c:\windows\system32\config\software c:\windows mp\software.bak

it says that the file cannot be copied, while the other files are working good…(all the copies to the tmp folder…)

So… what should I do? is that “software” that important or I could just pass that copy?

Btw, back to my other options, are there any programs that can copy my files to another comp on my comp? is there a way to install windows on windows while it will not delete my files(my Windows XP doesn’t give me any option to do so, it says I must format my comp), hell, is there any program that will at least backup my files and my Windows XP Installation would delete anything BUT those files I will define in the program?


You should have the setup.exe file for windows stashed in the cab files somewhere. In the past I have reinstalled a version of windows over the top this way, and was able to recover everything, and then did a complete reinstall later. But I have not tried with XP. Worst case, install a cheap 80gb hd, and reinstall windows over that. Make your current hd a secondary. You will have to reprovide serial numbers to access some of the software, but it is doable in an emergency…


Do you have more than one hard drive or more than one partition on your hard drive? If so, instal xp to the other drive or partition, then you can transfer your files from the damaged partition.


Get a UPS, my 'puters are all on 24-7 and have UPS for each 'puter and for each monitor. My area has a lot of power problems. I also have the VCRs, DVD players and TVs on UPS to protect the circuitry.