Windows 98SE Problem? Remember It?


About 4 yrs ago, my girlfriend bought a laptop from a small local computer company (which has now disappeared). I now want to install a Wireless PCMCIA card on it, but when the drivers are installing, it asks me to insert the Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM… which I do not have. Arrggh! :a

If i got hold of a copy, would I be able to use that disk, or would it say that the CD-Key does not match the stored key on the laptop? Or has that sort of thing only come in with XP?

Any help appreciated.


On some systems/laptops the content (or part of the content, typically a bunch of .CAB files) of the installation CD was copied into a local directory of the HD… e.g. into something like [I]C:\Windows\Options[/I] (at least this is my experience with some preinstalled Win98 PCs).

Can you check if this is your case?


It shouldn’t do a check on the key, it just wants to find a file.

Hi eltranquil,

Unfortunately not, have got it to try and search the whole C: drive to no avail. I’m usually pretty good with this sort of thing, but it’s been so long since I last used 98. I don’t mind buying win 98 as it’s fairly cheap. Just want to make sure that I can use it if the keys don’t match. Or could I change the installed key to match the one I have bought?

if you click “ok” without inserting the cd it should assume that you want to browse for the file. (it should tell you what file it is looking for at this point)

you can check to see if this file is already on your computer as previously recommended or it may even be downloadable on the internet.

i forget what i was doing that required something similar and rather than digging through the boxes of junk I had when I moved, I just googled the DLLs it was looking for and downloaded them and had no problems. (my expreience is with XP though)

I’m pretty sure that the installation CD is not linked to the key, so it would work fine. :iagree:
But also reasonsnotrules’ hint is a very good one, I suggest to try it first. :wink:

EDIT: uhm, you’ve been faster than me with the answer…


Ideally reasons, that’s what I would do, however, the laptop is not connected to the net. I suppose i could save them to floppy on my pc and get the installer on the laptop to search the floppy for them. Ahh the joys of XP PnP!

If you got a copy of it TimC is right you shouldn’t have any problems, but also as was said in a previous post, your laptops harddrive is most likely partitioned with the stuff you need…

if you can get a win98 copy cheap it might be easier. if you search for the files on the internet you’ll have to find them one at a time (the installer won’t give you a list of files it needs…it will simply install one by one and ask you one by one)

although with a simple driver I can’t imagine it’s looking for TOO much info.

sounds like running back and forth between your XP system and your 98 system with a floppy disk is the cheapest way haha.

it’s also possible that the files are standard windows files that might be found on the XP cd as well, but that’s a complete guess…worth checking out though if you don’t want to buy a new win 98 copy.

Thanks guys, I think that will be my 1st step, going through the install process again and noting all the .dll’s it’s requesting. Then googling and d/l them.

As reasons says, you’ll be noting, googling, downloading and installing one at a time - but could get lucky and only need one (or two). :slight_smile:

sounds like fun m8 good luck with it. microsoft it’s such an adventure. I have been running 2003 server r2 and directx wanted to toy with me, that was fun, had to force uninstall directx and then reinstall it and then copy and paste a newer directx.cpl into the system directly…All this was done after reinstalling my operating system which had to be done because system.dll was missing and what not…the early version of it really messed up a lot of peoples stuff until the june directx came out… :rolleyes:

But if that machine never had networking installed before… I don’t think so. :slight_smile: Better find a CD.

My understanding on this is; you have to install Wireless Wireless PCMCIA card [I]drivers[/I] before you install/connect the card. Visit the homepage of PCMCIA card producer.

Wireless is quite new technology, and I have hard to believe you’ll find anything useable on Win98 installation-CD…

My $0.02 :slight_smile:

Try with the xp cd in cdrom drive, and point search to i386 folder. Might work, who knows…

the laptop wants the 98 cd to install networking support, get it a 98 cd, any 98se cd will do.

100 meg cab files on a usb drive whatever

This is the case as dial-up networking is not installed

It only needs 4 so it shouldn’t be too much of an ordeal.

I’ll try my XP disc 1st, then google etc, then find a 98SE disc from somewhere.

Thanks Guys & Gals

LOL! This surely will not work!
XP has each file stored in a its own cabinet format file, while Windows 98 has a lot of,, like files where many files are stored in one cabinet.

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