Windows 98 Problems

I would like to enlist the aid of any windows 98 users that can give me some insight to the following problem:

I’ve an older machine with a 400mhz Intel Cel processor. I’ve 756 meg of Ram, 30 gig HD, ATI Rage video, generic 16 bit audio card, using windows 98 (not SE) OS.

Recently I’ve been experiencing problems with some of my applications. These applications were working but now will not open. I’m not receiving any indication of an operation error nor am I receiving an error message, just no application. I can no longer use RegEdit, Norton Virus, some of my spyware removal programs. They will not open. I was virus free.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would rather not wipe the hard drive and install all the applications from scratch. This would take me several weeks and this machine is the one I need for my business. Also, I can’t afford to buy a new PC as I was laid off a couple of years ago and am making ends meet with existing hardware and software.

Thanks again for your time and efforts.


You were virus free, but I think you now have one.
There are several viruses out there that try to stop you from doing anything that could remove the virus (which is why the programs above won’t run).
So into safe mode and try to check your computer for viruses then. Hopefully Nortons will now run and find the little bugger.
Otherwise try one of the free online virus checkers.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

try lowering the amount of ram to 512. Windows 98 really cant support past 512 and past that you have cacheing issues (which requires special ini file settings to avoid)

I was thinking the same thing - so I suppose the question, timbau, is how long have you been running at 756MB? That or try the online virus check.