Windows 98 : I need help

I really need some help here. I am decent on computers, but horrible with set up and fixing stuff. I just got a lap top. Before that I had a desk top that was not connected to the internet, i just used it for writing. The computer runs off of Windows 98. My sister still has a computer with a disc drive A, so I was going to transfer all my writings onto a square 1.44 diskette, go to her place and email them to myself so I could have them on my lap top. The computer has been working fine except for today. In a horrible twist of fate I turn the desk top on and it wont start up. I cant believe it, i have been freaking out. It says “warning windows has a detached registry / configuration error. choose command prompt only and run scanreg.” I looked around online and it seems i should type in there when propmted scanreg.exe, but when i do that it says bad command. If i choose a different option to start it up like normal or safe mode it will say cannot find I held down ctrl to try and open in safe mode. It seems everything was okay except it said 0210 bad D1. I really need to get my stuff off of that computer I need it asap. I have no money whatso ever to take this somewhere and have them look at it. Any help I would so appreciate. I am really in a jam.
Thanks for reading

Can you beg, borrow or steal an external Hard Drive enclosure? That’s how I’d handle it, remove the Hard Drive from the old computer and use it as an external drive on the laptop.

You need to boot your pc with the win98 boot disc then run scanreg. You can also do what olyteddy by removing the Hard drive and putting it in another pc (as slave drive)or into an enclosure

Thanks very much. I am going through all my stuff, I cant find the windows 98 start up disc. Can I buy a new one or do I need my original. THanks for your help, I really appreciate it. choose your version here instructions are lower on the page, or if you are on win98 now just put a floppy in and select format>make boot disc

I also think you can get a bootdisk from the link posted by slayerking .
The correct command from the command prompt is scanreg /restore
Now for 98 & ME users you should always make a floppy bootdisk.
go to Control Panel/ Add/Remove Programs / Start up Disk tab select Create Disk.
To late for stevediamonds to do that now unless he has access to someone else with 98 .They can make a floppy on their computer that will work on his.
Try the boot disc from the link first.

Some Win98 problems can be fixed by running setup from Windows install disk if you have the Windows install CD. Doing this is similar to a repair install for WinXP, and you might try that to see if it helps.