Windows 98 CD-RW?



I have had a free very, very old pc with windows 98 on it, it did not have a cd-rw in it so I changed the old CD-Rom to a new cd-rw but for some reson it does not work, when I insert a cd it does not find it??? How do I get it to work?



What version of 98?
How is the CD-RW set up?
What’s not recognising it? (Burning sofware wise)
You do not give us a lot of information to go on. We need more.


Windows 98 Second Edition 4.10.2222 A
The CD-RW Is set up as a slave. It is an internal one.
Windows is not finding the cd.


Is the BIOS seeing it?


Also as there is no other drive on the cable, I hope, as you removed the ROM set it to master.


Yes, its set to master.


Again, is the BIOS seeing it? If not, you might try swapping out the IDE cable.


When I look in the device manager it finds it and has the correct labe, but when I insert any cd, even if I leave it for 10mins it says the device is not ready.


Which model of the CD-RW is it?
Are you reading a blank or a full CD? A data or audio CD?


I recall this issue from a HP 9100 CD-RW. Had to edit… hmm (thinking)… :doh: was it boot.ini file?
To start with make sure you load propper chipset drivers.

[Anyhow, think this was cured with the Win98SE OS.]


Its a Philips CD-RW and it happens when I put any cd in it.


On Win98 you may need to install Adaptec’s ASPI.


Not needed…not used unless you have a SCSI add-on, or Easy CD Creator.
Go to , download the appropriate OS, and boot up and check your drive in DOS. A lot quicker and you don’t mess anything up.
Or, just reload the OS…I’m sure you have the disc… :iagree:


Or CDex, or lots of other things. Of course, check the drive works in another system first.


I am still having the problem, any more info?



Test it in another computer…


I have and it works fine.


Ensure you have the latest IDE busmaster driver installed on your machine


Well its a crap windows 98 comp, all I wont to do it get some files off it.


Then upload them to you send it then re-download them to the new PC if that is what you want to do.