Windows 95 Wireless LAN

Can anyone walk me through connecting a win95 laptop to connect to a wireless access point/router for net access??? i know winxp but not 95…

I don’t think this type of connection is supported by the O/S alone. Usually your broadband provider will supply a disc, with drivers for win95/98 because otherwise they can’t simply support it. The driver will be for a router or modem or usually both.

well its got a wireless lan card in it and was able to connect to the net at the guys house…i dont believe he installed any software other then the lan card drivers in order to connect. i think they default gateway or something like that got changed and im not sure how to find it in 95.

Not an easy task I would say. The WLAN Adaptor’s own driver has to be installed, which usually puts the WLAN Adaptor Monitor in startup. In case of Win95 there must be such a window, if I remeber right. The Monitor has to have a Configuration section, where you can see whether the Adaptor and the main unit, i.e. router could make a connection. There you have the possibility to make any necessary changes.

Oooops and I forgot that you have to configure the router. What is the brand, btw?