Windows 9 will be called Windows 10



We’ve just posted the following news: Windows 9 will be called Windows 10[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft is currently holding a press conference where we expect to get more information about Windows 9.

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So Windows 8.1 was actually 8 + 1? :confused:


One this, One that, One Ring To Rule Them All. How about this: One less customer for your operating system.


I knew there was a reason Windows 9 was free. LOL


[QUOTE=alan1476;2738074]I knew there was a reason Windows 9 was free. LOL[/QUOTE]



[QUOTE=alan1476;2738074]I knew there was a reason Windows 9 was free. LOL[/QUOTE]

Can M$ get any more pathetic…in their O/S … how low can they go…


Why is there no Windows 9…? Because 7 ate 9 :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2738076] … how low can they go…[/QUOTE]
As long as people keep buying it. :frowning:


To me the reason for using Windows 10 is obvious .
So much so I’m surprised it even started at 9.
MS doesn’t want it to be confused or any way tied to Windows 9x OS’s.

I still have a fully operational Windows 98 SE on my older computer.
It still has an an anti virus an older version of Avast that still updates or did a couple of months ago when I last tried it.
It’s hard to web surf with it because web sites don’t like IE6 or I think Opera 8.

I can imagine the confusion for a search engine if I wanted to find something for my Windows 9x or 98 & W9 information was mixed in.


I am a TechNet member, I can use any Windows OS I like. I will test Windows 10 on a machine that is not connected to my network and monitor all outgoing and incoming signals. I will report back.


@ alan1476 , This is off topic but since you have access to all Windows OS’s .
If you have some extra time to spare . Not any hurry on this.
See how well you can web surf with Windows 98 SE .
Mine is an actual install on it’s own hard drive .
I added that because I thought you might be using VM for tests.
Maybe you have already tested this .


“A Rose by any other name” (Shakespear)

In Microsoft’s case;
“Horse Manure by any other name” (olddancer)


What a bunch of clowns. They make a major O/S announcement with a demo and there’s not a peep about it on That aside I didn’t see much of a splash about it. Meanwhile when Apple has one of their events the whole world is watching closely and the moment its over their website is replete with information, photos etc. Mostly that’s because the products are real and ready when they have their events, they don’t hype vaporware like MS ! At least not as much (hello Apple watch).


Hopefully skipping a version doesn’t cause the infamous in-between hiccup OS:

[li]Windows 95 - Good
[/li][li]Windows 98 - Problems
[/li][li]Windows 98SE - Good
[/li][li]Windows ME - Problems
[/li][li]Windows XP - Good
[/li][li]Windows Vista - Problems
[/li][li]Windows 7 - Good
[/li][li]Windows 8/8.1 - Problems
[/li][li]Windows 9 - Scrapped
[/li][li]Windows 10 - ???

Although Windows 8 generally works fine on computers that had it preinstalled, it reminds me of Windows Vista (without the snail) on PCs that had it as an upgrade:

[li][B]Laptop[/B] - Main OS - A total OS crash on the first day (required full re-installation). Intermittently hung at least once a week up until Windows 8.1. Had three crashes that required system restore (possibly MalwareBytes conflict as it first happened right after upgrading to MalwareBytes 2.0)
[/li][li][B]Work PC[/B] - Intermittently hung at least once a week up until Windows 8.1. Randomly hangs roughly once a month now. When it hangs, I generally can save what I have open and close the applications I’m using, but can’t launch anything else, reboot or shutdown without a force-power off. It never did this with Windows XP.
[/li][li][B]Work colleague’s PC[/B] - Intermittently hangs roughly once every month or two with the same symptom as me.
[/li][li][B]Second work colleague’s PC[/B] - Random software glitches once every month or two, e.g. Internet Explorer would crash in a loop or multifunction printer will not scan, etc. usually requiring a reboot to fix. Never had this issue with Windows XP on the same PC.
[/li][li][B]Work colleague’s laptop[/B] - Wi-Fi and keyboard randomly drop out after resuming from standby or hibernation. For the Wi-Fi, I added a script that resets the card, but if the keyboard drops out, then a reboot is required.


I’ve never had a problem with Win8/8.1. In fact its been the most stable OS I’ve used.
I never missed the start menu because I rarely used it on any previous version of Windows.

I’ll take the Windows 10 preview for a spin and see how it behaves.


Running 10 preview on VMWare now, its okay?


Up & running now on my laptop, using a 120GB SSD in its hot-swap bay.

In case anyone runs into the issue I did where it requires a driver to continue setup, in my case it was due to me using a USB3 slot. Then again, I was also using a USB3 SD card reader with this installation on an SD card (I didn’t have an empty 8GB+ stick handy), but worked fine once I plugged the SD reader into a USB2 slot. The internal SD card reader doesn’t show up at a bootable device option even with the card in it.

My initial 30 minute impression looks good - I do like the Apps running in desktop with resizable windows just like any other native desktop application, such as the native Skype. No installation hiccup either unlike Windows 8, just a few missing drivers which probably explains why the hotkeys and internal SD reader don’t work.

Unsurprisingly, its start menu Search uses Bing by default. :wink:


Up and running on VMWare 9 Workstation. I allocated 200gb of SSD and 8gbs of RAM.


I found an interesting quirk of what happens when I try opening an Excel file without an office package installed.

It brings up this:

As many would do, they would try the obvious “Look for an app”, which presents this:

I’m not sure how it determines Samsung’s SmartHub File Manager as being the most relevant app (notice the ‘Sort by relevance’ dropdown). I am very sure that app will not help me open that file, not to mention that it requires that Samsung SmartHub unit for the app to work, which I don’t even have!

Although it’s probably just a new OS symptom, it certainly seems to boot up incredibly fast even though I have “Fast start-up” disabled and the SSD is connected on SATA2. ~15 seconds from OS menu to IE11 open on homepage, including typing my password and clicking the IE icon.


Rumors are it going to be for sale before Black Friday.


Mine came up with ComponetOne as the primary