Windows 8 will not allow a 30 days grace period for activation

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Not surpising. With Windoze 8 Microsoft seems to be doing absolutely everything in their power to annoy and frustrate consumers. What happens if Windoze 8 doesn’t happen to have drivers for your NIC?

Old, I think we’ll all learn how “Up yers!” sounds.

Well, I haven’t seen NIC-driver issues but I’m sure we’ll hear about them. Of course, “phone it in” is going to be their answer.

But the one thing I preferred about a pre-activation time was loading software and making sure everything that NEEDED a sequence-of-installs was loaded in proper order. Otherwise, I’d often wipe out an Install & do a Quick Format, and re-load Windows again. Pre-activation.

Which was fine. “Getting it right” seemed like a good deal. Now, with Activation required, how long will it be before MS stuffs an hour’s worth of WinUpdates down my throat before I can install any of MY software?!! It may take a few months for MS to come up with that many fixes, but they will…

Micosoft’s Chief Sithware Architect made this statement… :cool:

It’s useless to pray. We all know they’ll change the deal. Whether folks end up using Muc’s, or Linughs, it’s always going to change.

I’d like to take one of these new WHAT IS AN O.S. 101 classes and see where “browsers” and “cutsey mouse themes” fit in with memory allocation, accessing hardware and writing bits & bytes.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6.x interated with iTunes and iCloud are making Apple a more valuable company than Microsoft in 1999 when Bill Gates was still its CEO. That was when Windows 98 SE was very popular - part of the reason being Microsoft nearly officially allowed a lot of Chinese to use pirated Windows 95/98 - and Windows 2000 beta versions looked even better.

Apple cannot sustain this rate of growth for long and this may be the only moment for Apple to increase Mac OS/iOS share to a more significant level. Even Samsung would want to license Mac OS X and iOS for future tablet and phone products. A few million Surface RT tablets armed with non-Intel CPU and Windows 8 with a tiny built-in keyboard and with its own Office will make Apple reconsider the legacy of Steve Jobs, but it now seems Surface RT will cost US$199 only when bought on the condition of 2-year contract.

Pre-activated or not… the activation verification process is continual… and will phone home lots of times over the course of ownership-- well at least the legit versions will… the cracked versions will be neutered in short course…

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2651459]Micosoft’s Chief Sithware Architect made this statement… :cool:


DrageMester, that is so right! Every time I read the news here, I see yet another privilege removed from Windows 8.

It’s a smart move by MS for this reason. It’s harder to run a patch/hack to activate when you can’t get past the installation to run it. The good thing about Win7 (for pirates) was that you could install Win7 and using the grace period login, go to your favorite hacking site and download the latest patch to activate it. Now you will have to find someway to install the patch before or during the installation. Possibly ruining your nice clean Win8 DVD image.

I’ve never had issues with Windows activation at all, whether with Windows 98SE, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista (ugh!!) or even Windows 7.

My only problem was the various Microsoft Updates you had to deal with.