Windows 8 to use less memory even on older machines

Windows 8 to use less memory even on older machines.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Reaffirming its intention to build on the strengths and address the weaknesses of Windows 7, Microsoft says "hundreds of changes" in its upcoming new Windows 8 OS will lead to reduced memory usage and better memory prioritization.

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Boots in 4 (gigs), runs in 16 (gigs)?

It will run in 1GB, and run really well in 2GB, in fact better than a modern Linux distro such as Ubuntu 11 in 2GB of ram.

I’ll believe it when I see it.
I guess it may be true, until you install other applications on it. After all, shouldn’t the operating system take up bare minimal system resources, since it is after all an operating system and not the primary application.

It’ll be interesting to see how well it runs on really fast 64bit machines with >8gb of RAM.


[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2606951]It’ll be interesting to see how well it runs on really fast 64bit machines with >8gb of RAM.

It took the better part of 2 hours to install the beta 64 bit version on my 3mhz, quad core 8 gig machine. Don’t know how long it actually takes to shut down as I could only find a “Log off User” button and after 5 minutes I just pulled the plug.
Absolutely no option to use the Classic Desktop and every other mouse click brings you back to that iTwitt Start screen.
The installed apps are a bit sparse and totally useless unless you are a gamer or social media addict.
The iMorons will probably love it as for those of us that use our machines as a Working Tool, it’s a complete loser.
BTW, if any of you are inclined to install this crap, make damn sure that you pick the Custom Install! If you don’t every breath and keystroke get sent back to Mother Microsoft.
C:\format c:
install Linux

It wouldn;t be very hard to reduce the memory usage, just stop loading drivers and services your computer can’t use bacause the hardware is not installed. Microsoft has been taking the “Shotgun” approach for years, install everything and rely on the increase in CPU speed for performance improvements. Of course almost all the software and hardware vendors install small helper apps that sit in memory to start the application is a complete waste, Microsoft knows when you do something, isn;t that what the registry is for? Why do I need 2 or 3 apps running waiting for me to start flash, or Acrobat, even more for a scanner? I would rather go back to INI files (which still exict in a lot of programs) than have a bloated registry and hundreds of “helper apps” runing in the background.

I suspect Major Linux distros have the same problem. In order to make it more user friendly they load everything rather than loading what the user wants and needs. I would certainly expect more from Microsoft, after all, doesn’t is always scan your hardware to determins what is installed and install what the hardware needs? Apperantly not as it installs and runs tablet services and several Raid drivers on a computer it says does not have a touchscreen or Raid controller.

Windows 8 kernel is being built/adapted around the TABLET/TOUCHSCREEN device trend! Of course it will run really well on a desktop with all that memory & power (DUH)! That doesn’t mean your desktop got whizbang supercomputer fast! It just means that the O/S runs more efficiently (if not necessarily more reliable or secure)…

Who knows if Microsoft is making the right decision, because they have VERY LITTLE of the tablet (OS OR HARDWARE) market… and a rapidly declining PDA(WINCE) product line-- do people still use them?!? Also the gamble M/S is trying to block out Anrdoid on desktop PC’s by making them incompatible for most linux bases o/s could cause a major black eye for hardware vendors… IMO, the motherboard & chipset makers will rebel against this or at least allow google to develop a competitive bootload to make the hardware more versatile. How many chipset makers do you know who will throw away millions of sales with linux based servers & hardware networks just because they want to cowtail to microsoft?!?