Windows 8 to tweak automatic updates, reduce reboots



Windows 8 to tweak automatic updates, reduce reboots.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Critical security updates have made system restarts unavoidable. Though many hardcore PC users abhor the act, ("What if it doesn't turn back on?!") it's become a necessity. But that doesn't mean it needs to be an annoyance. Microsoft went back to the drawing board on how automatic restarts and updates will work in its next big OS, explained Steven Sinofsky, Windows Live president. Ironically, the company learned the hard way how annoying those unyielding messages are after fielding countless complaints.

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Frankly, I’ve had automatic updates turned off since Win 98. I update my system manually and at my convienence not Microsoft’s. Doing so also tends to eliminate unpleasant surprises like Explorer 8 which is flagged to be ignored forever.