Windows 8 Store has now 20,000 apps - not close to 100k

Windows 8 Store has now 20,000 apps - not close to 100k.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Microsoft should have about 20,000 applications in their Windows 8 App Store now, according to the site Win App Update.

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I will probably never use a Metro app, since doing so will require me to disable UAC. “Old-school” non-metro apps work just as well, if not better.

I wonder what about the WinApps Store implications. Will they start charging license fees to vendors to “participate”? I assume they will, at some point. Vendors will then be ‘blessed’ with the license-fee-paid for a WinLogo, just like Mac vendors pay to receive the domini-domini from Apple.

There’s supposedly a safety-from-virus concerns that the Apps Store has promised (threatened) although anyone who believes Microsoft can’t embed their own phone-home code is probably snatching up more swamp-land to dig for diamonds.

It’d be wonderfully lazy if we had a true one-stop-solves-all application location.

But from the earliest days of DOS,. the “shotgunning of applications” yielded a lot more promise than the Apple stanglehold on creativity. The DOS world enjoyed millions of applications while Appleholics had to keep chanting they had the only good ones. The Jim Jonesian Guyana Apple promise. “We are the chosen!”

That was first said by a T-Rex, I think.