Windows 8 Storage Spaces

Windows 8 has a new feature, which they call Storage Spaces. I won’t pretend to say I understand it, but I came across a blog from Microsoft that explains its principles.

In a nutshell it organizes physical disks into storage pools, which can have drives added or removed, and it makes use of virtual disks, known as spaces, which provide some resistance to data loss by mirroring data across the physical disks.

The blog can be seen here:

The part that really escapes me is “thin provisioning”. I can see how you can set up a logical 10tb pool using only 4tb of physical drives, but I don’t see how it can be useful to do so, as you have to add drives as you reach the limits of the physical storage.

I believe it allows a folder to span several volumes. That way, for example, you can have Movies on several drives and have them appear as a folder called ‘Movies’.

Now THIS is the stuff that OS’s should be considering - file handling, disk management.