Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux



All your PC’s belong to us. :eek:


It is not Win8, but latest, MS-influenced UEFI incarnation.

TCPA rebooted. :Z



This sure reminds me of the days of TCPA proposing its TPM platform, where DRM protected music, video, etc. would be decrypted and protected by the TPM hardware to prevent software attempting to access the decrypted audio/video and make it much more difficult to crack the DRM, since it’s much more difficult to reverse engineer hardware decryption.

Surely protecting the bootloader does not require having it signed. Instead, make it read only! What I mean is, improve the BIOS where specific hard disk sectors can be flagged as “read only” (e.g. sectors storing the boot records/loader, kernel code, etc.) and the only way to unlock them would be to disable the protection in the BIOS, such as to install another OS, update the bootloader, etc. This would still prevent rootkit malware from overwriting the vulnerable sectors containing the bootloader, kernel, etc. without requiring these to be securely signed.


the technology might violate EU competition law
So will there be a Windows 8 N Edition, just like Windows XP N? :slight_smile:


So lets hope this part is true; “then any system that ships with only OEM and Microsoft keys will not boot a generic copy of Linux.” So the rest of us that build our PC’s will have a UEFI bios that will allow any OS.

We can always boycott products that have these restrictions, and there’s always the chance that the BIOS can be modified by some talented programmers.


In the eternal battle between code makers and code breakers the code breakers ALWAYS win in the end.



Clarification by MS:


Some more information


If any hardware makers do opt to go the secure-only method where the BIOS does not give the option to disable the UEFI secure boot protocol, it wouldn’t surprise me if we start hearing about jail-breaking PCs. :cool: