Windows 8 RTM Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) leak on the web - KMS servers down

Windows 8 RTM Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) leak on the web - KMS servers down.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Another method for pirates to activate their Windows 8 RTM installations have popped up

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Too bad, I was able to use one a couple days ago then had to reformat. :frowning:

a very bad event :frowning: format in less than

The keys seem to be maxed out… Tested on WZOR win 8 pro x32…

Grrrrrr this has become fustrating to find

[QUOTE=smith90;2650093]The keys seem to be maxed out… Tested on WZOR win 8 pro x32…[/QUOTE]

This may have been done for legal reasons to protect the forum, because MyCE does not condone or promote piracy, but do report breaking news to our members and other readers.


I think he means the leaked key has no activations left anymore. We’re not sure for some others it still might work.

you could reveal a hint as to how you found it

I just used a MAK key floating around the web.
Had to call Microsoft and enter 9 batches of numbers and then I was activated on Windows 8 Pro.
I have activated two of my computers so far.
Building another one to activate as well.

Too easy. :bigsmile:

as i said any hints here google doesn’t seam to much of help

Microsoft will not allow pirating windows 8.

Thanks for the heads up.

Microsoft is really making it hard for everyone

Any new results to post? I want to try this.

I can’t find the MAK anywhere. Can someone PM me a link please?

Solutions on pirating Windows 8, like W7 will be there soon, just be calm, the OS its not so great, and a good solution pop up someday, keep your faith on hackers.

I activated 2 PCs with MAK. :slight_smile:
1 Windows 8 Enterprise N x64 and other Windows 8 Pro x86.

Interesting , Is this working? thanks

It’s interesting to monitor the enormous amount of piracy going on regarding Windows 8

I guess that was MS idea all along with Metro. Everyone is curious to see how it really is. With the 16% speed increase to encode audio and video might make alot of people upgrade, but will the people be paying for it or just downloading it.

I really dont think 16% is much considering I am encoding a film through Premiere that is going to take 28 hours. saving 4 hours is irrelevant when I have to wait overnight anyway, but instead of working on it tonight at 7:00pm, I could have started at 3pm on win 8.

BTW. Whats with all you new posters looking for cracks and keys in here for?

Where is the MAK key?

[QUOTE=astro13;2650287]Where is the MAK key?[/QUOTE]
same question ? and can VAMT 2.0 check windows 8 MAK key ?