Windows 8 now ready to be spied on by authorities

I just posted the article Windows 8 now ready to be spied on by authorities.

The CEO of Vupen has announced that his company found their first 0-day exploit for Windows 8.

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All operating systems have their vulnerabilities,after all,it’s code ,written by humans…:smiley:
The more people are interested in a certain OS,the more exploits will be found.
It’s how fast these exploits will be patched by the developers what’s important…

“Written by humans”, yes.

I think it was archeologist Howard Carter that said it best: “Gaaacckkkk!! Arghhh!” back in 1939, seconds before he died.

Some have said he was merely reflecting on his former boss’s last words, uttered years earlier, back in April 1923, just months after they’d opened King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Others insist that Lord Carnarvon’s actual last words were the more pithy, “Arghhhh! Gaaaacckkkk!!”

But who knows…programmers often can get the same result from two different sets of code, and love to claim that ‘bugs’ are simply features, or opportunities, while others think some features are ‘bugs’.

As Lord Carnarvon discovered, living on the West Nile presents enough ‘features’ let alone bugs to last a lifetime . A shortened lifetime.

I think that as Win8 archeology proceeds, there will be enough curses for everyone to enjoy.

Some, for a lifetime.

It’s how fast these exploits will be patched by the developers what’s important…[/QUOTE]


Contrary to popular belief, “secure” operating systems are very rare, indeed. My definition of a “secure” OS is and operating system that CANNOT be modded at all (neither can it install third-party programs). For example, if the RTOS used inside the fuel injection systems are written on a rom chip, the OS is “secure”.

User-friendly general-purpose OSes, such as Macintosh and Windows will likely never be 100% secure. Microsoft can try to meticulously hunt down each and every security hole, but as long as their are dishonest users out there, viruses, trojans, worms, fishing exploits, ect. will still plague computer users everywhere.

This is no surprise to me at all :disagree:

I had a deep discussion a while back with a few members who tried to convince me that Windows 8 was a very secure OS which I highly disagreed with from the start.

There will always be exploits / back-doors or what ever you want to call them, as one becomes publicly known it gets patched and another one is created to take it place.


Just wait till next Patch Tuesday and it should be fixed, or if it’s more dangerous then an irregular “Critical Update” will be jumping in your taskbar in no time.

I won’t worry too tooooo tooooooooo much about these bugs in Windows 8, first of all it’s still in it’s first release, we’ll talk again after SP1 :wink:
Second, you have other browser options that you can use instead of IE10 which “might” be more secure until IE10 is patched. At least until now, Microsoft is acknowledging these bugs and fixing them ASAP, while other OSes cough MacOSX cough are pretending to be deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to such risks…

I’d stick to Windows or Linux as they both (depending on Distros) are updated regularly with security patches, just be safe for now and don’t drink and browse :wink:

The biggest threat to internet security is user-ignorance. I work in a place where, every now and again someone will download something with bundled malware. Then, our IT expert has to spend hours trying to disinfect the computers, and make sure there aren’t any harmful fragments of malware left behind. Then someone on another computer decides that in order for them to work, they need free smiles, thus repeating the cycle.

Heaven forbid that one of our POS computers get infected, as people’s credit card transactions occur on those. When that happens, the hard drive is always wiped to ensure that nothing harmful is left behind.

Anyway, the point of all this is that users need to be more cautious when downloading software, as it can cause serious problems. If a website looks fishy… it probably is.