Windows 8 installation ISO now available for download without license key



We’ve just posted the following news: Windows 8 installation ISO now available for download without license key[newsimage][/newsimage]

Owners of Windows 8 (.1) can finally legally obtain a clean installation of their operating system by simply downloading an ISO file from Microsoft. Entering the license key is no longer necessary for the download but only required during installation.

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Microsoft policy … Almost as rediculuous as it’s see-through security policy.


😀 ☞ $$$$


Maenwhile most GNU/Linux developers don’t believe in DRM, so there’s never been a need for things like product keys. Just download some installation file (typically an ISO image), burn/extract, boot and you’re ready to play with the OS Bedford its even installed. Updates take only a short time, as you don’t have to install updates that fix previous updates that fix previous updates, etc. Instead, you can just skip to installing the newest package, and you’re good.


This will certainly come in handy when buying a new laptop or PC, as it means the user can download the ISO from their old PC and install it on their new PC without even booting that bloated OS with all the preinstalled crap.

Windows 8.1 only takes roughly 10 minutes to install from USB. While I know it can take another 30 minutes to download and install the necessary drivers, this is still quick compared to the tedious amount of time uninstalling all the crap that comes on a preinstalled OS, not to mention the 30 minutes or so some laptops spend going through a scripted setup process the first time it is switched on.


I agree
Very handy indeed. I only have an ‘upgrade’ key, which meant I had to have Win 7 on the drive and then upgrade to 8.1.
With this download I can do a clean install of Win 8.1 and still use my upgrade key. I know this works as I did a clean install from this download last night.

The only thing I had to do was activate it via MS automated phone support, as when installing it told me the key was already in use on another PC.


“Windows 8 installation ISO now available for download without license key”

Whoopee! Microsoft has made their biggest blunder to date (and that took some doing) easier to download and install on a machine.
The question that begs asking is, why would anybody in their right mind actually want to?



Because it’s a hell of a lot better, both cosmetically and under the hood than Windows XP, which I believe you’re still on.



That’s because most Linux developers have other jobs to generate income and so don’t need to charge for software. A lot of Windows software is produced by coders who work full time developing software and have no other source of income.